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What BytesRack Can Do For You.

BytesRack is an award-winning data-center-as-a-service partner of choice for industry leading global and emerging brands alike. It is the right choice for businesses that require unmatched brand protection, the industry’s most reliable uptime, state-of-the-art tools and services, multi-prong physical and cyber security, and the highest levels of industry regulatory compliance. BytesRack customers leverage our interconnections that enable digital transformation and hybrid or multi-cloud migrations. Our carrier-neutral, next-generation data centers are strategically located in high-growth markets and housed in highly fortified facilities that are manned 24x7x365.
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Strengthening Our Carrier-Neutrality Position

The fast-paced growth of cloud environments is leading to an equally rapid increase in the number and type of networks available for cloud-connected organizations. A competitive landscape, filled with vendors across global data-industry sectors, can create chaos for your enterprise. Network carriers are competing on price with little service differentiation from rivals. Some have even insisted on exclusivity contracts between colocation facilities to edge ahead of the competition.

At BytesRack, we are committed to a carrier-neutral approach within our data centers. As global networks continue expanding and becoming more competitive, carrier-neutral connectivity is becoming an increasingly important factor in choosing a data center provider. Carrier neutrality helps your organization nimbly respond to rapidly changing connectivity advancements. Data center carrier neutrality, along with abundant physical space and robust power options, addresses three challenges of the modern colocation workload: unpredictable spend, constrained bandwidth, and stifled innovation.

Unpredictable Spend

Carrier-exclusive data centers often produce unpredictable spend because network providers can change prices at will, often without offering any service or bandwidth improvements. In contrast, carrier-neutral data centers allow organizations to optimize spend by creating hybrid connectivity mixes from multiple suppliers or by switching carriers in response to price changes. Carrier-neutral colocation facilities require far less initial investment because they have per-established relationships with multiple network carriers, often having preinstalled infrastructure on site. In addition, those data centers usually offer innovative solutions, such as automated and self-service features, allowing you to further streamline your monthly spend to your needs.

Constrained Bandwidth

Constrained bandwidth can quickly turn into downtime and slow time issues. While downtime is a cloud security hot topic, it can also affect network-connected applications and their workloads. In the event of a single-carrier outage, carrier-neutral colocation environments provide easy access to alternative networks, keeping operations up and running. Thus, combined with choosing a service provider by uptime standards, not partnership contracts, carrier-neutral connectivity provides increased reliability and redundancy—improving data security and performance—giving you complete peace of mind.

Stifled Innovation

Carrier-exclusive data centers often hinder innovation, severely limiting the options available to end users. Workloads located in data centers with exclusively contracted carriers can squash competition and hurt overall service quality. In contrast, carrier-neutral data centers provide tenants the full benefits of carrier competition while remaining in the same location. They can choose carriers with right-fit technologies instead of being tethered to outdated contract commitments.

With BytesrRack carrier neutrality, you can prioritize connectivity technology over network providers and find a data center provider that delivers a sustainable relationship, providing you the innovative options you need. We have extensive experience building relationships with top-tier carriers while remaining carrier agnostic, creating partnerships with whichever carrier is best for you.

Interconnection and Connectivity

Directly connect physically or virtually to customers, vendors and partners, and between your own points of presence, on one global platform.

BytesRack Cloud Exchange™ Fabric

BytesRack Cloud Exchange™ Fabric directly, securely and dynamically connects distributed infrastructure and digital ecosystems globally on Platform ByteRack™ via software-defined interconnection.

Cross Connects

Whether you are a financial services company, a cloud or content provider, or an established enterprise, a cross connect inside an BytesRack IBX® data center ensures high-performance, network reliability, redundancy, and low-latency.

BytesRack Connect

BytesRack Connect is a comprehensive Internet access service within BytesRack IBX data centers that satisfies a variety of bandwidth requirements.

Global Roaming Exchange

BytesRack Global Roaming Exchange (GRX) provides a platform for mobile data providers to efficiently exchange GPRS roaming traffic with multiple other providers through a single connection.

BytesRack Internet Exchange™

BytesRack Internet Exchange aggregates thousands of peering sessions onto the shared fabric, connecting peers at 22 Internet Exchange Point (IXP) locations in 20 global metro areas.

BytesRack Metro Connect™

BytesRack Metro Connect provides network connectivity across multiple IBX data centers in a metropolitan area, giving you direct access to more than 1,500+ networks and 9,500+ enterprises and cloud, digital content, and financial companies.

BytesRack Fiber Connect™

Fiber Connect provides dark fiber interconnection between IBXs within a metropolitan area, giving customers ultimate control and flexibility to own and manage data transit to ecosystem partners.